• Steel frame

  • 14 x 1 3/8 wheels

  • Single speed

    • 40T front sprocket

    • 16T rear sprocket

  • Metal mudguards

  • Rubber Pedals

  • Single-pivot caliper brakes

  • Chain guard

  • 12" pump

  • Bracket for front light

  • Rear rack

  • Quick release seat post clamp

  • Quick release handlebar clamp

  • Bell

  • Rear red reflector mudguard mounted

1971 - Raleigh RSW 14.png

These bikes were first made in 1967, and I think this picture was taken c1970.  It was actually my sister's bike, I just happened to ride it a lot more.


This bike pre-dates BMX and stunt bikes by c15 years, but my friend's I clearly were ahead of our time, manufacturing jumps and having great fun. At the end of our garden was a strip of land which ran along the bottom of all the back gardens in the street and led down to a brook. It was fairly flat and covered in grass and small tree roots.  It was there that my friends and I built ramps out of any bits of wood and bricks we found.

One day, probably about 4 or 5 years after this picture was taken, I got some good 'air' using a ramp, but came down a bit hard and the bike frame snapped in the middle! Oops! Another bike lost to fun!