• Steel frame

  • Solid rubber tyres

  • Full length metal mudguards

  • Front Rod brake

  • Single speed

  • Chain guard

1 Raleigh Pixie

The first bike I had was blue and yellow. I was 4 years old. I remember the solid rubber wheels. Having researched

it now, it was definitely a Raleigh Pixie, identical to the one in the image, although without the rust!

It had stabilizers on to start with, but I hated them as it felt like every time one stabilizer hit the pavement, the whole bike was going to fall over.  I remember the day when I asked my mum to take them off.  My brother, sister and mother stood on the pavement next to me as I started off. I recall a couple of false starts scraping my knuckles on my left hand against the neighbour’s wall as I tried to get going.  Then, I was off……..and that was the start of my lifelong love of cycling.


That bike was ridden thousands of times up and down the pavement and round the car park of the local shops when they were shut.  One day, my brother was with me (he’s 5 years older than me), he was riding my bike around this car park when CRUNCH, he rode into the curb and the frame snapped in half.  That was the end of my precious bike! I was terribly upset, but I'm over it now (no, I'm not!!!)


That was the end of my cycling for a while.