• Steel frame

  • 20" wheels

  • Sturmey Archer 3 Speed

  • Full length metal mudguards

  • Front and rear cantilever brakes

  • Mine wasn't a folding bike and hence didn't have the split on the down tube.

4 Dawes Newpin.JPEG

My parents separated when I was quite young, and one day on my 11th birthday I think, my father turned up with a brand-new bike for me.  A Dawes Newpin. A lovely bright blue bike. Wow! I was thrilled.

It didn’t take too long though for me to strip it down and paint the frame all black with some black glossy paint I found in the garage. I found yellow electrical tape and wrapped it round the frame to form yellow bands a few inches apart. Yes, just like a bee! Still a fan of the Brandon Bees. I took off the handlebars and added cow-horn handlebars (an old pair of my brothers I also found in the garage). Now I really looked the part. This was the best bike to do wheelies on up and down the street.  Cow-horns make lifting the bike very easy! I definitely held the record for the longest wheelie amongst all the kids in the street.