2020 - More Bimbles from Burford

This set of trips were all done on the Marin Gestalt gravel bike which I purchased in mid-September.

A very different bike from anything I have owned before, definitely aimed at gravel. Have a read about it here to see how it feels compared to my previous EnviLiv carbon road bike or the steel Trek bike.

Click the images to see the routes and pictures from the rides.  Left hand image is Strava and Photos, right handmade is relive video.

2020-10-05 Relive.png
2020-10-05 Strava.png
2020-09-29 Strava.png
2020-09-29 Relive.png
2020-09-27 Strava.JPG
2020-09-27 Relive.png
2020-09-26 Relive.png
2020-09-26 Strava.png
2020-09-20 Strava.png
2020-09-20 Relive.png