2020 - Trek Tests

Having spent 6 weeks with my wrist in plaster, and itching to get back out on a bike, I dug out the old Trek Navigator.  By now, I have already decided that Touring is what I want to do, not long tours of months, but certainly a week or two here and there.  Maybe travel across to Europe and cycle along one or two of the many rivers there once this Covid is under control. Whateverelse, solo cycling is the best social distancing activity.

Burford-Broughton Downs

Click the images to see the routes and pictures from the rides.  Left hand image is Strava and Photos, right handmade is relive video.

2020-09-13 Strava.png
2020-09-13 Relive.png


2020-9-08 Strava.png
2020-09-08 Relive.png