2020 - Bimbles from Burford

Not being much of a winter cyclist, there is quite a gap between the L2B September 2019. I think I must have developed a mild form of agoraphobia, or S.A.D to have left it so long!!  This set of rides April-July 2020 represents the short period in 2020 before I fell off!

We were then into COVID-19 first lockdown. Cycling suddenly became the 'in thing' for many people who hadn't been on a bike for years!  Walkers, runners and cyclists clogged up my usual routes.  All great fun, as cars were, mostly, nowhere to be seen!!  

I had SPD-SL clipless pedals, and in the July 2019, I had my first ever tumble off.  I was stationary at the time - well this is how it went....

Rolling down the middle of Burford High Street in the Cotswolds, I remember thinking to myself: 'if I come off now, it's going to hurt, take it easy girl'. Approaching the bottom of the hill I could see a couple of cars stopping at the traffic lights just before the bridge.  I slowed right down and unclipped one side.  I then thought 'I'm not sitting behind cars only to breath in their fumes as they pull off when the lights turn green'. So I rolled along the gutter between the cars and the kerb to the front of then queue. I pulled in, right in front of the first car and came to a stop.  That's when I just fell sideways, CRUNCH.  My cleat had caught in the pedal and I'd fallen before I could do anything about it.  In those circumstances, pride says, get up and go.  So that's what I did... it was then I realised my right wrist was a bit sore.  I stopped on the other side of the bridge, examined the cuts and bruises, and realised my wrist was in trouble! I phoned home for a lift (I'd cycled all of 1 mile from home!!). Quick change at home and off to A&E.  Wrist in plaster for 6 weeks. That gave me plenty of time to think about what I wanted to get out of cycling.

Due to COVID, bikes were really popular, new bikes were becoming scarce, and second hand bike prices were high.  I chose to sell the EnviLiv, thinking Carbon road was fun, but not really want I wanted.  Touring was really what I had always wanted to do. Read about the Marin Gravel bike to see where that took me.

Click the images to see the routes and pictures from the rides.  Left hand image is Strava and Photos, right handmade is relive video.

2020-07-12 Relive.png
2020-7-12 Strava.png
Burford-Lechlade Again
Burford-Barringtons-Holwell Downs
2020-07-03 Strava.png
2020-07-03 Relive.png
2020-06-22 Strava.png
2020-06-22 Relive.png
2020-06-21 Relive.png
2020-06-21 Strava.png
2020-06-15 - Strava.png
2019-08-25 Burford-Holwell Downs.png
2020-06-02 Straba.png
2020-06-02 - Relive.png
2020-05-30 Strava.png
2020-05-30 Relive.png
2020-05-25 Strava.png
2020-05-25 Barringtons RElive.png
2020-08-20 Strava.png
2020-05-20 Relive.png
2020-05-08 Strva.png
2020-05-08 Relive.png
2020-05-04 Strava.png
2020-05-04 Relive.png
Burford - Kencot
2020-04-26 Strava.png
2020-04-26 RElive.png