2019 - London to Brighton 

After three months planning and training the time had finally arrived.

I booked the event through Skyline Events. It was superbly organised from booking, through to being dropped back to the start after the event, through to ordering professional photographs from the event.  I can not fault it.

I planned to drive down the day before and stop over as it is a 3 hour drive from my house and I discovered  Your Parking Spacea website where you can find and book parking spaces. I booked a space at Tesco Clapham Common, a 2 minute walk from the start. This worked very well as I planned to get changed in the car after the event before the long drive home.


I stopped over in the Travel Lodge London Balham.  It's about 1 mile from the start of the route, so having parked up, I took my cycling kit and cycled to the Travel Lodge. As it happens, the route actually goes straight past this Travel Lodge.

When I arrived at the Travel Lodge, I took my bike straight to my room. It's allowed in Travel Lodges.  I carried it up the stairs whereupon the one and only unscheduled accident occurred. Having climbed the stairs, rucksack and bike over my shoulder, I struggled to open the fire door into the corridor.  Subsequently, I dropped my helmet, went to pick it up, nearly dropped my bike, over compensated, dropped my bike and then promptly landed on top of it! Friction burn on my elbow, blood gushing down my ankle from the crank set, and a few bruises on my shins!!  Oh well, nobody saw, thank goodness!

I had no idea how long this ride was going to take me having not ridden it before and not ridden more than 47 miles in my training sessions.  I had roughly calculated that if I started at 7am, I hoped to reach the finish by 2pm.  This would allow plenty of time for refreshment breaks and the inevitable walking up steep hills such as the infamous Ditchling Beacon!

Here are a few snaps taken on the day. The first three were from the evening before, filling up in a local pub called 'The Cyclist'. Great place to hang out the night before!

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L2B Strava.png
L2B Relive.png