2017 - Tenerife

We've been going to Tenerife at leat once a year since 2006 and this time I wanted to do something different that we could all do. I stumbled across a leaflet for a bike tour which said 'no pedalling'.  What? Knowing Tenerife was pretty much built on a Volcano - Mount Teide, I guessed we'd just be going downhill then?. But how do we get up with bikes?

Reading the leaflet, the bikes are taken up the mountain on a trailer, cyclists would be carried up in a Van, stopping off for a quick snack on the way up.

Whilst we didn't go to the peak of Mount Tiede, we were not far off.  Its summit at 3,715 m (12,188 ft) is the highest point in Spain and the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic.


At the top, we were given our bikes and a helmet. It was a scorching day, not a breath of wind.  We followed the guide down the mountain with a support van some way in front which also carried our lunch.  It was fantastic! Great scenery all the way, along windy roads, through wooded areas and rocky areas and taking a breather to investigate an old cave.  About half way down, we stopped for lunch.  Lunch was already setup under the shade of trees.  A fantastic picnic for the 8 of us, table cloths to boot! We were mesmerised by the number of ghekos scampering around the rocks as we sat and ate a great picnic.  Then off we went again, all the way down to the sea.  


One thing we all said was, by the time we'd finished our descent, our fingers and hands were aching from all the braking!  There are some pretty steep descents and it was absolutely true - no pedalling!


I'd do it again though, who wouldn't want the joys of downhill without the long steep climb?


All in all, a fun day out that we all did! Result!

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